Big Game, Big Stories: Montana's Hunting Heritage

For thousands of years, hunting has sustained Montana's people; physically, culturally, and spiritually. The methods, ecology, and meanings of hunting have changed over time - from first peoples' nomadic hunting to market hunters' decimation of game to hunters' conservation efforts. At the heart of Montana's hunting heritage are the bonds people share with each other, the land, and wildlife.

Methods of Hunting

Hunters have used their knowledge of wildlife behavior and habitat to pursue the animals of the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains.

Ecology of Hunting

For millennia, hunting has shaped Montana's environment. In turn, the land and wildlife shaped the cultures that developed here.

Meaning of Hunting

Hunters have shared their stories through words, images, and objects. These stories have sustained the connections that people have with each other and the land.

There are many ways of hunting and reasons why people hunt. This exhibitions explores some of these, but not all.

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Big Game, Big Stories: Montana's Hunting Heritage