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Brian Schmaus

Hometown: Kalispell

Rank: CPT
Unit Designation: 495th Trans BN
Branch of Service: MTARNG
Years of Service: 17
General Location of Service: 495th Trans Bn Kalispell
Location of Service: Kuwait & Iraq
Operations Involved In: Operation Iraqi Freedom

Captain Schmaus is an outstanding commander, a soldier that will do anything to see that his personnel are well cared for. He always puts everyone before himself, giving of himself anytime, anywhere. This soldier will give the shirt off his back for others, always looking out for others, and he deserves long overlooked recognition for his leadership, integrity, selfless service and loyalty to his country and state. Many soldiers look up to Captain Schmaus as a example to follow, as he exhibits loyalty, respect for others, personal courage, and always goes beyond the call of duty on everything he does in the Guard and for others in the community. You can always count on him for anything. HOOAH

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