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Matthew Hames

Matthew Hames

Hometown: Helena

Rank: SPC.
Unit Designation: E TRP 163 Cav
Branch of Service: MTARNG
Years of Service: 6
General Location of Service: Palestine, Texas
Location of Service: Helena, MT / Baquba, Kirkuk, Tallil, Iraq
Operations Involved In: Homeland Defense, OIF 3 and OIF 5

Matthew Hames, who is now a Corporal and soon to ETS from the TXARNG, served proudly with the Montana National Guard. After Sept 11th, CPL Hames volunteered for the MTARNG and served at his post on Ft. Harrison, MT until mobilized in support of OIF III. He spent 18 months on deployment with E co 1-163rd INF 2-116th BCT on combat operations from Baquba to Kirkuk and many places in between. CPL Hames volunteered to return to Iraq in support of OIF V. He was deployed with the TXARNG to Tallil AFB as base defense and route recon and security teams. CPL. Hames is now in the process of leaving the military in search of more adventure.

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