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Frank Francis Bushilla

Frank Francis Bushilla

Hometown: Helena

Rank: Chief Petty Officer
Unit Designation: Coregidor
Branch of Service: US Navy
Years of Service: 8
Location of Service: Mainland Japan
Operations Involved In: POW Mitsubishi Ship Yard

Frank Francis Bushilla was a hero who sacrificed his well being, for the war effort in WWII. While in a POW camp in Japan he leaked the gas from the torches they used to weld on ships. He got caught doing this and was tortured. The torture was to be stripped naked and a guard with a hand revolver held to his head at attention for 24 hours in the center of the prison camp. He was humiliated on purpose as an example to other prisoners. "This is what you get if you do something like this" was the message made, loud and clear to the other prisoners. He survived this ordeal ONLY by the Grace of God. After 42 months of living on fish heads and rice he then came home from the war and married his sweetheart Eleanor E. Lahood and settled in Helena, MT and raised eight children. He was a member of the DAV in Helena.

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