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You can search the index of Montana The Magazine of Western History from 1951-2000 using this search page. The keyword search will find any instance of a word or portion of a word in the index. A search finds exact terms only, so it may be necessary to try variations. For example, the artist Russell can be found under "Russell, Charles Marion" but will not show up as "Russell, Charles M." or "Russell, C. M." This index is compiled from two separate volumes that have been combined, but the entries have not been consolidated. Thus, under many terms, you will find two entries: one from the 40-year index and one from the 10-year index. Unlike the printed indexes, the search is alphabetized in a word-by-word style.

The references show the index version [1951-1990], [1991-2000], [2001-2003], the keyword of the search highlighted, and the volume, issue, and page numbers. For example, 46(2)56 refers to volume 46 published in 1996, the Summer issue (2) and page 56. For more information on references, see the User Guide.

To obtain back issues of Montana The Magazine of Western History or bound copies of the 40-year and 10-year indexes, call 1-800-243-9900 or e-mail

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