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Census Data

Biographical information
documents African-Americans by individual name who were listed in the 1870, 1910 and 1930 federal censuses. It also includes "non-census" information on some individuals whose names appeared in Montana city directories, newspaper articles, etc.

Data from the three censuses was entered into a relational database by an MHS intern funded by the August and Mary Sobotka Education Trust Fund and includes information on the individual's cohabitants and neighbors in terms of ethnicity, work, etc. providing an invaluable window into these Montanans' lives.

This census data listing was exported from the database tables to separate MS-Excel worksheets and can be downloaded "as is" or easily imported into another relational database for use.

African-American Montanans (PDF) (Excel)

1870 Census - (PDF) (Excel)

1910 Census - (PDF) (Excel)

1930 Census - (PDF) (Excel)

Non Census Citations - (PDF) (Excel)



For researchers who are interested in specific demographic trends, database queries retrieving birthplace, age, sex, residence county and city, and occupations were also exported to Excel worksheets which, again, can be downloaded "as is" or imported into a database.

Comprehensive Census Data Queries (Excel)

1870 Birthplace/Age/Sex/Residence - (PDF)
1870 Occupations over age 12 - (PDF)

1910 Birthplace/Age/Sex/Residence - (PDF)
1910 Occupations over age 11 - (PDF)

1930 Birthplace/Age/Sex/Residence - (PDF)
1930 Occupations over age 14 - (PDF)

Every effort has been made to spell proper names correctly but if you see an error or have comments on the project resources, please e-mail the African American in Montana Project.

We have posted much of the material as Pdf files, which can be viewed and printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat reader and would like to download it
click here.