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Chapter 6 - Montana's Gold and Silver Boom, 1862 - 1893


Online textbook: Chapter 6 - (.pdf)

Worksheet 1: Placer versus Quartz Mining - (.pdf)

Worksheet 2: Creating and Interpreting a Graph - (.pdf)

Learning from Historical Documents:

Letter from Emily Meredith to "Father," from Bannack, 1863

Letter from Cornelius Hedges to "Parents," from Helena, 1865

Letter from E.W. Knight to U.S. Attorney General, 1882, about Segregated Schools

Interesting Links

Take a virtual tour of Bannack, Montana's first territorial capital.

Explore Marysville

View pictures from several other Montana ghost towns, including Elkhorn, Garnet, Granite, Hecla, and Virginia City.

View the original Vigilante Oath.

Use this interactive map to discover ghost towns near you.



Detail of photograph of Pioneer City, M.T., 1883, photo by F. Jay Haynes, Montana Historical Society Photo Archives, Haynes Foundation Coll. H-1098

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