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Chapter 13 - Homesteading This Dry Land, 1905 - 1920


Online textbook: Chapter 13 - (.pdf)

Worksheet 1: Analyzing a Primary Source - (.pdf)

Worksheet 2: Women Homesteading - (.pdf)

Learning from Historical Documents:

"Boyhood Recollections: A Narrative of Homestead Days in North Eastern Montana," by Otto Jorgensen

Letter from W. M. Black to Gov. Joseph Dixon, from Shelby, 1921, Requesting Aid for Drought Victims

Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway Montana Homesteading Brochure

Interesting Links

Learn about sod houses through this interactive game from the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

Discover the homesteading stories of Esther, Lydia and Anna Strasburger.


Gallatin Valley wheat field, photo by Albert Schlechten, Bozeman, MT, Montana Historical Society Photo Archives

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