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Chapter 16 - Montana and World War I, 1914 - 1918


Online textbook: Chapter 16 - (.pdf)

Worksheet 1: Analyzing Information - (.pdf)

Worksheet 2: Analyzing an Advertisement - (.pdf)

Learning from Historical Documents:

Letter to Charles Greenfield, State Defense Committee, from Terry, MT. 1918, Reporting an Illegal Speech

Letter from Samuel McKennan to T. C. Power, Regarding the Purchase of Artillery Horses by France, Britain, and Italy, 1915

Interesting Links

Check out the Montana and the Great War Story Maps to learn about life on the home front and soldiers' experiences overseas.

View artifacts from the Montana Historical Society's collections relating to World War I. 

Learn more about Red Cross signature quilts, like the one pictured in the chapter opening, by reading this excerpt from Border to Border: Historic Quilts and Quiltmakers of Montana.

For Educators


Hazel Odegard, 1919, Montana Historical Society Photo Archives PAc 88-100 F2/5



Machine gun crew, MT National Guard, Butte, Sept. 1, 1914, photo by King, Montana Historical Society Photo Archives 958-184