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Chapter 18 - The Great Depression Transforms Montana, 1929 - 1941


Online textbook: Chapter 18 - (.pdf)

Worksheet 1: Understanding Population Trends - (.pdf)

Worksheet 2: Analyzing a Photograph - (.pdf)

Learning from Historical Documents:

Letter from Margaret Loughrin to Gov. Frank Cooney, from Butte, 1934, Regarding the Strike

Letter from J. E. Finch to Gov. John Erickson, from Sumatra, MT, 1931, Describing the Agricultural Depression

Letters from Residents of Drought-Stricken Areas to Governor John Erickson

Interesting Links

Explore the history and engineering of the Fort Peck Dam

View Depression-era photographs of Montana by typing either "Montana," the name of your county, or the name of your town into this search engine.

View an interactive timeline of the Great Depression. 


Mrs. Ballinger, Flathead Valley, photo by John Vachon, 1942, courtesy Library of Congress LC-USF34-065186-D

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