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Chapter 4 - Newcomers Explore the Region, 1742 - 1827


Online textbook: Chapter 4 - (.pdf)

Worksheet 1: Following Routes on a Map - (.pdf)

Worksheet 2: Analyzing Information - (.pdf)

Learning from Historical Documents:

Letter from Thomas Jefferson to Meriwether Lewis, 1803

Interesting Links

You call the shots when you travel "Into the Unknown" as a leader of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Visit Library and Archives Canada's Passageways: True Tales of Adventure for Young Explorers for more information on David Thompson, Alexander Mackenzie, and the la Verendrye brothers

Discover more about the tribes Lewis and Clark met along the trail

Watch View from the Shore: Native American Perspectives on the Lewis & Clark Expedition, by Black Dog Films.


For Educators



Detail, Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1804, Dean Cornwell, Montana Historical Society Museum



Pompey's Pillar and inset of W. A. Clark signature on the pillar, courtesy Bureau of Land Management, Billings